Make TED your ATM

Most people walk out of TED with free scooters, electronics, and moleskine notebooks.  YOU could walk out with 9 figures in your pocket.

5 Reasons TED and other top conferences are a secret goldmine

  1. Influencers who can hand you (on a silver plate): your dream job, coveted board seats, funding for your company, etc.
  2. Early-stage investments that can make you 5x, 10x or 100x returns
  3. Opportunities for new experiences that you couldn’t imagine possible such as going to a private airfield to meet Richard Branson
  4. Learning more in a week than you have in decades
  5. Finding rockstar leaders or key strategic partners for your organization

And the list goes on. That’s just an appetizer portion of what’s possible.

Here’s the catch:

Only a teeny fraction of the people who attend will ever figure this out and seize the advantage. And those who do figure it out normally take 5-10 TED conferences to do so.

So how do you become the exception and crush it at TED on the very first try?



Make TED Your ATM

My exclusive 6-session program that – just by attending – turns TED and other conferences into your personal cash machine for life.

What’s in it?

6 weekly sessions (in-person or phone/skype) package where I give you all the strategies, insights and tools to master these events. I’ll:

  • Give you the nudge to apply as early as possible, at the best possible price
  • Show you how to use your unique strengths to wow people from the get-go
  • Break through and pinpoint your personal blind spots and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back, to unleash your true power and influence at these events.
  • Teach you how to build instantaneous relationships with influencers in the first five minutes and have them wanting to meet you again. (Tim Cook sent one of my clients an iPhone at an event with a personal, handwritten note. Another client landed an 8-figure software deal in less than 10 minutes.)
  • Give a road map to master the conference you are attending, including key prep work to make this event priceless for you
  • Follow-up session to help you put it all together and create a plan to maximize your returns on the event (including other events to focus on and additional support after our session)

Learn How To Make TED your ATM

Most people come back from these events with mere swag (though at TED, it’s pretty sweet swag).

Your haul will be in the form of lucrative leads, dream alliances, powerful relationships, and much, much more. They will open doors that you never dreamed possible, and would never be possible if you tried doing by this by any other way. Plus, this all can be done in a very limited amount of time.


This is a customized program for each individual with advanced planning (normally 6 to 12 months in advance for an event(s)).


There are limited spots available, so the program may fill up at any time.


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