Play the ultimate team building game to improve your team’s productivity, collaboration, and satisfaction in 45 minutes or less! 

Are you a busy HR, Sales or team leader looking for a way to quickly improve teamwork, satisfaction, and increase your team’s performance?

Well, chances are you have tried team building exercises, workshops, and activities that either didn’t work well or that employees didn’t enjoy. Or perhaps you are looking for something engaging, new and fun that actually works!

Cards Against Mundanity is the solution for you (and it’s free with instructions!). It’s a question-and-answer game played in a group, like Cards Against Humanity, that works for any size organization and/or team. You can also play it across multiple teams in the same organization and get the same benefits. Set up takes only five minutes.

Here are three benefits you’ll get from playing The Cards Against Mundanity:

  1. Foster closeness and break down emotional and social barriers in less than one hour that improves team performance, communication, collaboration, and retention.
  2. Create “psychological safety,” which is the #1 factor in building the highest performing teams. For example at Google, among sales teams, those with high psychological safety exceeded their targets by, on average, 17%. In contrast, those with low psychological safety missed their targets by, on average, 19%.
  3. Build trust, respect and where people are comfortable being themselves, which improves problem-solving, innovation and creativity.

Jessica Rhodes, the owner of Interview Connections (#1 podcast booking agency), shares why this team building game was transformative for her business and how you can leverage it in your organization.

You can also contact me to conduct the “Cards Against Mundanity Workshop.” It can be done in two hours or less.

These are the kinds of questions, you will find in the game.

There are two types of questions:

  • Conversation starters, “What was your favorite summer job and why?”
  • Connection questions (which are more revealing), “If you could pick one year of your life to do over, which would it be and why?”

The game is simple … question and answer. Take the top card, read it, answer it, and the next person goes. Each person answers at least three questions. At the end, each person has one minute to share one thing they learned about three different people.

Download the game, including all the instructions, and get additional suggestions on how to continue building a high performing culture like Google and many other companies in the Forbes Best Places to Work list.

I debuted the game in my TEDxWilmington talk, “How to Get CoWorkers to Like Each Other.” I shared research, data and suggestions on how to maximize employee engagement to increase performance, productivity and long-term organizational success. In the video, you’ll learn why teams thrive and falter, and how you can quickly implement strategies that will make an immediate positive impact on your team.

Here are research data points on why playing this game will be transformative for you:

  • 70% of people said the #1 factor for a happy work environment is working with people they like and having friends.
  • Employees with a close work friend are 7x more productive and more loyal.
  • 42% of people have no friends at work.
  • LONELINESS is as dangerous as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.
  • 70-80% of workers globally are not actively engaged in the workplace, and it costs US businesses $550 billion dollars annually in lost productivity.
  • Organizations with engaged employees experienced a 19 percent increase in operating income over a 12-month period, compared to a 33 percent decrease in companies with disengaged employees.That’s a 51 percent difference in profitability between companies with engaged staff compared to those with disengaged staff.
  • Highly engaged employees are 87 percent less likely to leave your company than disengaged employees. Replacing employees can cost your company anywhere from 16 percent up to 213 percent of salary depending upon the role.


You can contact me to conduct the “Cards Against Mundanity Workshop.” It can be done in two hours or less (either in-person or virtual), and I also provide you with additional strategies and tactics that you can implement in your organization. 

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