Life is Stacked in Your Favor

Life is stacked in your favor. Rumi said that. That probably sounds like BS to you right now. AND Especially if you've been through hard times in your business or career lately. Or if you've been hurt from co-workers. Or some other tragedy or unfortunate situation has...

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Imagine Everyone is Enlightened Except You

So I'm in line to check out at the grocery store and there's an older woman in front of me. She was in one of those electric carts and had probably 30-40 food items in her basket. One by one she's putting them on the counter (very, very slowly...think of a snail)....

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Why Bad Things Happen To You

Do bad things happen to you all the time? Do feel this shroud of negativity is hanging over you and you can't catch a break in business, career or your personal life? Does it feel like the people you work with or manage don't appreciate your efforts? Or they don't...

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Using Grammarly For my Blog Posts

I've never had an editor for my blog posts. Often readers will send to me copy edits; typos, misspellings, grammar errors, etc. I am always very thankful for these edits I'm sent and the time people take out to do it. I try as quickly as I can to make the changes to...

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Is Fail a 5 Letter Word?

"We are not devastated by failing to obtain a goal. We're only devastated when our sense of self esteem and self worth are dependent upon achievement of that goal." - William James We all get to a moment when things stop working...and we believe to ourselves we've...

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Is Your Culture an Accident or Intentional?

Every company has a culture. The major issue I see in organizations is...Do you let it happen by accident or do you actively shape and care for it? I wanted to share some notes I've been jotting down as of late on the topic. The CEO is the culture driver. It can’t be...

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