Never, Ever Sit Here in a Meeting

If you are about to head into a critical meeting, board of directors, weekly status meeting or finalize a sale/deal, you may think the best place to sit is next to the key influencer or decision maker. That could be a big misstep, because of the “next in line” effect....

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How to Identify Communication Styles

Most people don’t think about how their information is received. So putting real effort into this gives you an edge. Next time you present information in a meeting, send the document 24 hours ahead of time and also bring a hard copy to the meeting. Then watch what...

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Know Your Audience

The better you understand what the person you are speaking to really wants, the easier your life will be, and the more successful you will be. This may be obvious to you, but people often forget this. In order to influence others, you’ll need to start by learning what...

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Reciprocity Rules

The Law of Reciprocity states we apsychologically need to repay anything we get from other people. How does this play out? Your friend Bob helps you out with something. Then you feel obligated to do something for him. It's an almost automatic reaction. For...

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