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"I have known Jason for over a decade.  In addition to his skill as a major connector of people, he is spot on when it comes to corporate culture, leadership and helping C-level executives identify their blind spots. I would highly recommend him if you are looking to...

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10x Your Company Performance Through Caring

Maximize team performance (and all metrics) by getting people to care about each other. It trumps everything else. You can hire "b" players and be much farther ahead then if you have "A" players and people don't care about each other. The fastest way to increase...

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Get The Ultimate Team Building Game Free, Cards Against Mundanity

Experience the immediate performance and innovation gains that 3,000 people and organizations like Google, Amazon, E&Y, Oracle, and many others have. 99% of teams underperform and don't innovate. I've solved the problem for you. Get it here.

My Book : Social Wealth

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