About Jason Treu

The CEO’S Secret Weapon

CEOs, and senior level executives, call me that. (Secretly, of course.) Many bring me in to coach them personally, and eventually have me work with everyone on their team.

I’m that effective at uncovering your hidden blind spots, and helping you become a more powerful performer and live an uncommonly satisfying life.

My zone of genius lies in helping high-level people like you spot and reach that even higher level.

Some Real-Life Stories


Chairman Who Got in For Peanuts

This client, chairman of a very large company, had started it from his bedroom, and built it into a $700-million corporation. And now, going into work each day and calling the shots, he was restless. He didn’t know what was next.

“Maybe I consult”, he thought.  “Do a few things on the side”.

But nothing he could think of would compare to the rush of what he’d already achieved. It seemed like he’d reached the pinnacle. The reality was, he wasn’t even close to the pinnacle.

Since working with me, he’s joined the board of TEDx and XPRIZE, gotten remarkable investment opportunities, been asked to speak by the Dean of University of Alabama College of Arts and Sciences, and the list goes on. In fact, he got an investment opportunity for peanuts with a technology company that will give him a $400M to $600M return on his investment.  

He’s opened all kinds of exciting doors he never would have before — because he didn’t know they existed.


The CEO who woke up to a disaster

Imagine being the CEO of a 9-figure business and waking up to see your revenues flatline, management team not performing and a turnover problem with your sales organization.

Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? Well, to me I hear a beautiful song playing below the surface.

Equal parts psychologist, strategist, coach/mentor, and chief-of-staff, I dove in and helped the client get past every stumbling block, pain point, and blind spot that was in front of them.

The result? I helped my client massively increase the productivity, passion and persistence of their executive team, decrease turnover while improving the culture, and improve key financial and sales metrics over a 12 month period.

The team members I worked with got more done in that year than they had in the past 10.


Here’s a snapshot of my background.

  • Graduated with law degree and Masters in Communications from Syracuse University
  • Spent seven years in Silicon Valley working with transformational leaders such as Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban, Mark Hurd and others at companies such as Apple, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, Pixar, Yahoo! and many others
  • Helped clients meet top influencers such as Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Tim Cook, Peter Diamandis, Chris Anderson and others
  • Wrote a #1 best seller, Social Wealth, that’s been #1 in four business categories on Amazon, and sold over 40,000 copies
  • Been a guest expert on more than 400+ podcasts, radio, and TV shows in the past year
  • Studied and learned hands-on from the top experts in the world such as Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, Mastin Kipp, and Brene Brown, and at leading institutions such as Harvard, University of California Berkeley and Ken Blanchard Companies
  • Have helped clients generate over a billion dollars in wealth over the past three years

The Personal Side

Your time is a hot commodity. You don’t need to spend it reading about my childhood or favorite foods. I’ll keep this short:

I live in Dallas, Texas (and have lived in NY, Los Angeles, San Francisco and spent one year in London, NYC and Boston).

I have a curious and energetic 15 year-old Jack Russell Terrier.

I’m very active with charity events, cultural organizations such as Dallas Museum of Art…huge sports fan — knock the Cowboys or Mavericks and you’ll have me to deal with…and love to meet new people.

And fine, if you’re dying to know: I love champagne and barbecue. Separately.

So Are we doing this?

If you want to make me your secret weapon, here’s the place to start.

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