6 Week Fast Start Coaching Program

I help high-performing individuals realize their full leadership potential and get them operating at peak performance. 

Experience 6 weeks of my life- and business-changing program for high performing individuals, executives, entrepreneurs, VCs, private equity, and industry experts.

“Being” a leader is different than “doing” leadership work. As you know, there’s plenty of information out there on how to be a great leader. If that’s all it took, everyone would take that information, implement it, and get results. I’ve bet you’ve tried that already, and it’s not getting you to where you want to be. Coaching is an option that can help you move past your mental sticking points, and to create your own unique leadership and management style.

What is MY System? Best Practical Skills + Innovative Self Inquiry + Influential Social Capital* = Enhanced Leadership/Management + Peak Performance

*Proprietary processes based on my proven “Social Wealth” Strategies and key leadership and performance strategies (get my free guide to get a “taste” of what you will learn with me).

This formula is “secret sauce” behind my programs that have worked for hundreds of people.

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Why “Reboot” Your Operating System?

You’ve probably called technical support at one time because your computer froze up or was moving like a snail. The first thing they will tell you is to reboot it. Well, leaders come to me when they’re unsure what to do next or how to resolve a crisis. Rebooting your operating system is reconfiguration at a deeper level to look at your beliefs, stories, and mental models. Whatever we work on that’ll help you be a better leader will also apply to every area in your life. Clients get a massive feeling of relief, clarity, certainty, and excitement that is infectious to everyone they touch.

Program Overview:

You’re kicking butt. You’ve achieved fantastic results and climbed (or climbing) the ladder of success. As you know, being a leader (and manager) is really, really hard. It can be very lonely. Extremely long hours. High-pressure daily demands. Never­-ending­-unforgiving­-to­-do ­lists. FOMO. And no manual or easy-starter kit to figure it out.

Maybe you want stress relief. Move past your current plateau. Reach your peak. Learn new skills fast. Stuck and sick of it. This is why I created this Fast Track program.

Fast Track program blends best practical skills, deep self-inquiry (my version of mini-therapy) and building meaningful connections to build leadership, courage, confidence, and impact. You will leave with a greater awareness of your mental models, blind spots and leadership habits as well as a customized strategy for maximizing your impact and making everyone around better at the same time.

Objections? You may be saying to yourself, I don’t have time to deal with this right now. I have bigger problems to deal with.

While you are dealing with those “pressing” issues, you are being inefficient and not nearly as ineffective as you could be. Plus, everyone around is doing the same. You are losing time and money.

I’m here to help you face reality and get back on track. 

Right from the start, I help people get at the truth of who they are in a safe and quick way. I help them see their limiting beliefs, stories that keep them stuck, and patterns that aren’t serving them. This helps people fully understand the choices they are making. They see how their unconscious mind is actually running their life in a negative way.

The ultimate outcome of doing this work is to unleash and awaken the extraordinary capacity inside you to achieve results beyond your imagination. Think of it as finding your unique superpowers.

In the end, you’ll see that you already have the capability to withstand the tidal waves and tornadoes of business. You simply need to access the capacity inside of you. In doing so, an extraordinary leader within you emerges, with courage, ferocity, and passion.

Now you are off to the races!

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  • You are the CEO, senior executive, VC, private equity, entrepreneur or high-performing individual
  • You’re facing new challenges and want to maximize your impact
  • You’ve logged immeasurable hours and have made tremendous sacrifices in your career
  • You’ve had success so far. And you realize there is more to this game than “success”
  • You may be tired, but you must be vulnerable, open, curious, courageous and ready to take action

Guarantee: If you don’t feel that the information you are getting in the first session will help you create the breakthroughs you need, I’ll refund your money prior to holding our second session. You’ll still take away what you have learned. I’m so certain that won’t happen (and never has before), that I’m making this offer to remove all the risk for you. Essentially, it’s “try before you buy.”

Coaching Process:

  1. 6-week coaching program with one session per week 
  • Results: Coaching takes the set of mental models you are using to make decisions and unpacks them (making the unconscious, conscious). You then decide what outcomes you would like and then begin to adjust the mental models to produce those results through best practice skill development.
    • Deep self-inquiry is being open to the core truth that “we don’t know what we don’t know” and adopting a learner’s mindset again. That means an acknowledgment of what brought you to this point and an authentic admission that you’ll need more self-inquiry to get to the next level.
    • Best practical skills are the tactics, templates, and techniques used to build a high-performing individuals, teams and organizations. They can range from meta models to facilitate more effective communication to concrete ways to resolve conflict to coaching your manager better.
    • The individuals who are “crushing it” are privately emotionally spent and worrying about the hitting their numbers, next big hires, team performance, and launching products/services. Shared experiences remind people that you aren’t alone, and everyone is going through a similar process. Plus, you can leverage their expertise to help you. 
    • You’ll walk away with a blueprint and know exactly what the next action steps are
  1. Unlimited email access and short phone calls follow-ups during the week
  2. Designing a go-forward plan that you can carry out yourself or continue to work with me on
  3. 360-degree assessment (optional – additional fee)
  • 360 Performance Reviews are a valuable way to get solid feedback from your team, subordinates, board members, and other stakeholders within and outside your organization. A 360 helps you make course corrections in your leadership that support your growth and the growth of your company. The compiled feedback report allows you to see things that are working, not working, and things that need to change. The process culminates to help you identify the specific action steps to take.
  • identify 8-12 people who have insight into your behavior and performance to serve as reviewers and share with us some of the areas where you’d like to get feedback (which we’ll use to personalize our standard set of interview questions).
  • You complete a quick self-assessment, identifying what you perceive to be your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth.
  • I interview and collect and compile the data (anonymously) into a detailed report, highlighting important themes that emerge from the feedback.
  • Add this feedback into your development plan.


Schedule a strategy session to discuss your specific needs. (Click Here)

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