Whose business do you admire most and why?

I couldn’t just pick one person’s online business I admire the most. So I decided to make a very comprehensive list of 23 Lifestyle Entrepreneurs I admire and that you need to know about. Why did I pick 23? Well, my favorite basketball player of all time wore #23, Michael Jordan. But living in Dallas, I’m huge Dallas Mavericks fan, and #41 Dirk Nowitzki is my man. So…I may need to expand this list!

These incredible entrepreneurs have been like virtual mentors to me on my entrepreneurial journey. They encouraged, motivated me and gave me the courage leave my day job, and follow my dreams into coaching others. They will continue to inspire, motivate and influence the work I do in a very profound way, including my clients and the BeExtraordinary community.

Many people have asked me who I learn from and get inspired by, so I figured the best way to actually do it was to make the most comprehensive list of all time with today’s top lifestyle entrepreneurs out there.

With 2015 looming ahead, this list can help you make 2015 your best year ever. Modeling success is one of the best ways to exponentially accelerate change in your life. It’s one of the reasons I am so excited for 2015…is that I have all these awesome people to help me on my journey. You can do the same!

I’m going to kick this off with one of my all time favorite quotes because I believe relationships are the key to success in life. Everything we accomplish in life is with or through other people. You need to surround yourself with true leaders, innovators, and amazing people that believe in contributing to the lives of others.

[ctt tweet=”You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. – Jim Rohn ” coverup=”mGWD0″]

The 23 incredible lifestyle entrepreneurs are listed below in no particular order. I’m planning on writing a part two as well, because unfortunately I had to leave out quite a few amazing entrepreneurs I wanted to include on this list!

Well, until next time…hope you’ll enjoy this post, click to read the list and have an extraordinary day!

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23 Lifestyle Entrepreneurs You Need to Know

Mastin Kipp


Mastin Kipp’s story really kicks butt! As a 21 year old manager in the Hollywood music industry, he enjoyed the best of drugs, booze, hotties, celebrity status – you name it. But you know how time, addiction and pissing people off takes its course. The recession hit, and Mastin lost his job, his girlfriend, his business and all the goodies that went with them. I’m totally inspired by how he charted an amazing new life for himself. You can read all about it on The Daily Love.

After following Mastin for a few years, I finally got a chance to meet him over my birthday weekend in October of this year. We started to speak prior to his lecture and he asked one of the most important questions of my life. “So, what’s your biggest fear?” Soon we were discussing it in front of a whole room of people. It was fantastic! Facing and embracing those fears with him and taking his Mastery Intensive Class helped me to make massive breakthroughs and take inspired actions (including making a video on a huge fear I had). He also wrote an inscription in his new book to me that I read almost daily to remind me of the journey I must take.

To get awesome free training from him & grab your copy of his new book, click here. I highly recommend you check out whatever he puts out.


Mastin’s Facebook


9 Ways to Become More Spiritual – Super Soul Sunday – Oprah Winfrey Network

Discussing inspiration & overcoming political differences with Larry King

When not getting what you want is exactly what you need

Buy the book: Growing into Grace

Sign up for Wealthy Healer Retreat (learn how to take your business to the highest level)

[ctt tweet=”Love yourself right where you are. – Mastin Kipp ” coverup=”192nG”]

Gabby BernsteinGabby Bernstein


YouTube recently chose Gabriella Bernstein as one of its 16 YouTube Next Video Bloggers. Forbes named her one of their 20 Best-Branded Women. No wonder. I’ve been listening to Gabby’s weekly radio show on Hay House for months now. She really knows how to get me to face my fears. Man, she totally motivates me! If anyone can create a breakthrough, she can. She rocks it with her meditation process – which I highly recommend. Check out tons of her guided meditations for free here.

Gabby’s not just an amazing woman, she’s a recovered addict and a New York Times bestselling author – which shouldn’t surprise anyone, considering the fantastic content on the blog. Her latest book is May Cause Miracles: A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness.

I am going to see Gabby in LA on Nov 21 and can’t wait! This article inspires me. In it she confesses how even a “guide” as together as she is can let true core desires undermine her. You’ve gotta love the honesty.


Gabby’s social networking site for women to inspire, empower and connect.

Gabby’s Facebook


Gabby’s YouTube Channel

Oprah Winfrey Network: Gabrielle Bernstein on Finding Happiness After Sobriety

Oprah Winfrey Network: Gabrielle Bernstein’s describes tapping technique to achieve emotional freedom


Books by Gabby

Sign up for her online courses here , check her out her events and even more offering here.

[ctt tweet=”I honor my past to love my present. – Gabby B. ” coverup=”2Mh8o”]

Marie Forleo


Taking Marie’s coaching sessions back in 2005 really inspired me in my decision to become a life coach myself and become of service to others. She is an amazing coach and I made breakthroughs in five minutes of speaking with her. As a Jersey Girl, she started with absolutely nothing, but was able to build a brand from scratch by maximizing a couple of niches while having a great time doing it. She began by trading on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and then worked for various magazines until she finally figured out her true life’s purpose.

She has so much passion, so much energy! Marie truly adds value to everything she touches (i.e. Call her Midas!). I highly recommend checking out her b-school and MarieTV which always has great stuff to watch. You never know what’s up her sleeve next! But you know it’s going to be exciting.


Marie’s Facebook


Marie’s YouTube Channel

Interview with Tony Robbins


Interview with Tony Robbins

Thank You For Not Believing in Me

4 Money Beliefs that Keep You Broke

How to Change the World and Live with Purpose


Crunch Cardio Dance Blast


Make Every Man Want You: How to Be So Irresistible You’ll Barely Keep from Dating Yourself!

[ctt tweet=”Everything is figureoutable. – Marie Forleo ” coverup=”uPxbc”]

Danielle Laporte


Danielle’s truth bombs have been on my daily reading list for years. She can really get me pumped up – even on a bad day. She’s got this simple but highly effective message: Grant yourself permission! Focus on how you want to feel and follow your authentic desires and the things you want will follow.

Her practical advice about decision-making prods me to face my own bulls*** and get real. I have this tendency to obsess on my goals. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to lay out my intentions and prioritize them. Danielle’s brilliant article about goal setting on HuffPo really helped me to get a handle on that. I’m seriously considering taking her new Desire Map course that looks amazing. You should really stop compromising and check it out!


Danielle’s Facebook Page


Subscribe to Danielle’s White Hot Truth YouTube Channel

Interview with Jonathan Fields: Danielle LaPorte: Living With Fire and Desire

Why are you Afraid?

Danielle’s Fire Starter Sessions

Buy Danielle’s books

[ctt tweet=”When there is nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire. – Danielle L. ” coverup=”M4Oao”]

Rick DurisRick Duris


Need to polish your marketing message? Got a broken sales letter or funnel? A website that’s sucking wind?

Rick Duris is your guy.

Rick writes amazingly engaging copy. Copy that converts.

If anyone knows the power of understanding marketing strategy, Rick does. He works some of the best known entrepreneurs, thought leaders and businesses out there. Including a few on this list.

Personally, meeting Rick Duris early this May really changed my life. He demonstrated to me the extraordinary power of copywriting. Writing in such a way which not only delivers interesting content, but also keep people to keep reading, keeps them engaged, until they ultimately feel compelled to buy something from you. It’s one of the reasons my Amazon best selling book Social Wealth is doing so well.

You’ll discover Rick’s a hell of a guy – one of the best people I’ve ever met. He’s got a passion for helping others that doesn’t quit. Being an entrepreneurial copywriter is a true lifestyle for him.

So if you have a copywriting project, Rick’s the man! You can also check out his good friend, Mark Pescetti, who is also rockstar at turning words into sweet music, making people want what you’ve got to offer!


Rick’s Facebook and get his newsletter


21 Incredible Copywriting Formulas

Emotional Copywriting Words to Use

A Few Cool Ways to Increase Email Clickthrough Rates

Pick up Rick’s Special Report: How to Get Copywriting Dream Clients

Contact him about Copywriting

[ctt tweet=”If you can control their emotions, you can control the sale. – Rick Duris ” coverup=”86e7y”]

Amy Porterfield


If you want to learn the four big mistakes that business owners make with Facebook Ads and how to avoid them at all costs, you should definitely check out Amy. She got her start marketing for Harley-Davidson and then working with Peak Performance Coach, Anthony Robbins.

When it comes to Facebook, she is the MASTER GURU. You know that if you ever picked up the amazing book she co-authored called Facebook for Dummies.

I hear it makes her cringe a bit, but many people fondly call her the Facebook marketing queen. She’s an amazing speaker who constantly over-delivers on value. You can get loads of free advice by listening to her podcast that I try to catch weekly, Online Marketing Made Easy. She’s got a spanking twitter account, so be sure to check that out. If you’ve been struggling with social media in general, run, don’t walk to sign up for her webinars and check out her bad-ass marketing resources, too! I’ve purchased her courses and they are fantastic.


Amy’s Facebook page

Facebook Marketing Tips on Pinterest


Amy on YouTube


How to Increase Fan Engagement on Facebook

How to Get More Facebook Fans

Books Amy recommends:

Books on Amy’s Reading List

[ctt tweet=”If you wait to do everything until your sure it’s right, you’ll probably never do much. –Amy P. ” coverup=”eM80i”]

Melanie Duncan


Wish you worked smarter, not harder? If so, you should definitely find out more about Melanie and how she manages to travel the world while building multi-million dollar businesses. She’s been featured by top dogs ABC, NBC, MSN, New York Magazine, The Today Show and a whole lot more. Her Entrepreneuress Academy really gets me pumped up (it’s not just for the ladies, guys – trust me!). It’s jam packed with ways to rocket your business.

Melanie has got tons of resources and fantastic webinars that will give you quick, dirty tips to implement from day one. She’s also the Queen of Pinterest. Her program is hands down the best out there and her blog is jammed packed with great things, so if you want to succeed, get off your duff and read!


Melanie on Facebook

Pinterest page (stocked!)

YouTube Channel

Amazon.com page (She has a new book coming out December 15th, 2014! Thoughts Beyond Comparison)
Free Webinar


Tools To Run Your Business Online

3 Ways to Work Smarter

[ctt tweet=”Hang around with people who make their ideas happen.- Melanie D. ” coverup=”738lU”]

adamgrantAdam Grant


Social Darwinists believe that the strongest rise to the top and good guys finish last. Whoa, that’s not what the youngest tenured professor at Wharton, Adam Grant, learned. From his research, he divides the entrepreneurial world into three camps: takers, givers and matchers. Though it may be true that some give so much their work gets hampered, Adam found that some of the top entrepreneurs also rise by giving. In Give and Take, he explains why this happens and what the givers on top do that’s way different from those at the bottom. In the end, we learn why those who get ahead help as many people as they can by helping – and without keeping score.

Adam’s book is truly inspiration and it’s one of the only books I recommend to every single client. He’s the embodiment of giving to others and this book is changing the way people think about doing business and their careers. Brilliant, forward thinking, underrated leader and business innovator…are words to describe him. Read whatever he writes and get on his newsletter!


Adam’s Facebook page

@Adam Grant

Arts and Bizphilia on Pinterest

YouTube Channel


Buy Give and Take

Adam Grant Quotes (the best!)

Free Webinar


How to Succeed Professionally By Helping Others

Is Giving the Secret to Getting Ahead?

Why Men Need Women

[ctt tweet=”When done right, “giving” — helping others — is the key to success. -Adam Grant ” coverup=”oO4fb”]

brendanburchardBrendon Burchard


If Brendon has one clear message, it’s Stop and Smell the Roses, Stupid! But how many of us actually unplug and slow down enough to do the kinds of things he says are important to living an inspired life? In his latest power-packed book, The Motivation Manifesto, Brendon says that to live in fulfillment we must pledge to:


Sound impossible? Not with Brendon. If you’re struggling to unplug, I strongly recommend his books, videos and definitely sign up for Expert’s Academy if you can. I love this post on the compromises we make in life. It really hit home at a critical junction for me.

I’m taking his Experts Academy course, and it’s amazing. He provided a ton of bonuses along with it that make it a no-brainer. Loving it so far. If you want to learn to monetize your passions and expertise, get it.

Favorite Quote: “We have forgotten that the natural foe to life is not a distant death, but a present, in-the-moment detachment from living.”


Facebook page

@Brendon Buchard

Google + page

Grab your copy of the Motivation Manifesto!

Read Brendon’s Brainy Quotes

Free Webinar


How to Reprogram Your Mind For Positivity

How to Have More Confidence

How to Make More Money

[ctt tweet=”Add so much value, you can’t help but get it paid forward. Brendon B. ” coverup=”Fc8jf”]

lewishowesLewis Howes


This guy totally rocks when putting together webinars – truly one of the best. Lewis is a true master of marketing. I can’t wait to start his webinar mastery class – that will keep my audience begging for more. He stockpiled it full of value. And talk about motivational! My last major life transition was leaving the comfort of a steady job and going out on my own to be an entrepreneur. It was either get out there and DO IT or fall on my face. But this killer article by Lewis Howes on Killerstartups.com with its 10 simple lessons really helped push me over the edge to begin my new life. I took that leap of faith and just plunged in – because, you know, tomorrow may never come. I never shared that story with him, so if you’re on here, Lewis, hats off to you – I’m really grateful. And his podcasts are packed with actionable insights and I love them.


Like Lewis on Facebook and Subscribe to his iTunes Podcast School of Greatness

Lewis on Pinterest

7 Simple Steps to Make Millions with WEBINARS

Grab your copy of LinkedWorking: Generating Success on LinkedIn … the World’s Largest Professional Networking Website

Interview with Travis Campbell on YouTube

Click here to enjoy Free Webinars!

Apply for his Greatness Academy, get his other products, and reach out to him for advice.


5 Steps to Achieving Your Goals

How to Find Mentors

[ctt tweet=”The world makes room for passionate people. – Lewis Howes ” coverup=”6op75″]

marcandangelMarc and Angel Chernoff


Looking for self-help, productivity and messages to uplift and inspire you? Look no further than Marc and Angel Hack Life – Practical Tips for Productive Living on MarcAndAngel.com. I love, no LOVE this dynamic duo. I’ve been reading their site, Makes Me Think since 2012. Inspired, Marc and Angel took their cue from a popular humor site, FMyLife.com and turned it on its head to create a safe and warm space where ordinary (and not so ordinary) people can gather online to share random life stories and bits of humor. (They call these MMTs.) These glimpses into people’s lives can really inspire affirming and deep thoughts that help us evolve as we digest the stories’ underlying meanings.

I also hold a warm spot in my heart for Marc and Angel because someone very close to me was going through a very difficult period and found their website was what really pulled her through. Besides that, they’ve got a truly awesome list on their blog that they call 30 Books Everyone Should Read Before Their 30th Birthday. Highly recommend!


Give Facebook love!

Google + Get in their Circles!

YouTube Channel

Grab a copy of 1, 000+ Little Things Happy Successful People Do Differently and Get Back to Happy Course


30 Things to Let Go of Before the New Year

One Question That Will Free You From Drama

20 Things To Start Doing in Relationships

30 Challenges for 30 Days of Growth

10 Choices You Will Regret in 10 Years

[ctt tweet=”We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us. – Marc and Angel ” coverup=”4YTaW”]

bryanharrisBryan Harris


Ever met someone successful who exemplifies that “giver” that Adam Grant wrote about in Give and Take? Even though he’s a huge success, Bryan is a true giver. This guy gives away 10x the content that most people sell! And oh, guess what – if you write him an email, he’ll actually answer it. How many people do that? What a resource! He designs killer marketing apps, too. Genius!

If I ever want to find out the direction technology is headed to and ways to figure out how to use it, I always head for the Vault. In fact, I read every single newsletter he puts out as there is always some amazing nugget of marketing wisdom to help you in your business or to get ahead even if you work for corporate America. And his member’s area is still FREE. Give Brian some love and props.


Find Video Fruit on Facebook

@Bryan Harris


Watch Monthly1k.com interview

Get the Podcasts!

Gain instant access to F.R.E.E. Webinars

The tools he uses


How to Launch Anything with a Tiny List

How to Turn Email Subscribers into Paying Clients

[ctt tweet=”Structure your content like TV. Build expectation for the next episode. – Bryan Harris ” coverup=”Tpkfl”]

jeffwalkerJeff Walker


Guru marketer Jeff is a true pioneer in the industry (and underscores the word…giver). But that doesn’t mean he’s stingy with his stuff. For somebody at his level, I have a hard time believing how much he just gives away for nada, zip, zilch – or at least for the cost of a couple of Starbucks grandes. He’s always sharing information on his website.

If you’re just starting up as a solopreneur or small business owner, you really need to check out his book, Launch. In it, he maps out step by step everything you need to do for an insanely successful launch. His programs are worth every penny. And he’s always looking to give back and help anyone, anywhere. Get his book, and get involved!


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seanogleSean Ogle


Got an urge to build a business near a ski resort or on a soft sandy beach where the wind rustles through the palms? If so, Sean is your man. Count on his no-BS premium tips to catapult you to the life of your dreams – as long as you’re committed to keeping your nose to the grindstone to make it happen. If you’ve got butterflies in your stomach thinking about making that leap, he’ll help you over your fears. And who could resist this bucket list he’s put together? Inspirational! His newsletter rocks, so go to his website and subscribe.


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Pinterest page

Watch Chris Ducker’s YouTube interview: Lifestyle Designer, Sean Ogle on How to Become a REAL Location Independent Rebel!

Read Sean’s excellent article on Essential Tools

Check out how Sean can help you and how you can tap into his expert advice


Increase Your Chance of Online Success 10-Fold By Doing This One Thing

Abolish the Someday Mindset

6 Things No One Tells You About Running a Business While Traveling

[ctt tweet=”There are Only Seven Days in a Week, and Someday Is Not One of Them. – Sean Ogle ” coverup=”Gf83s”]

michael-hyattMichael Hyatt


Michael is a true leader in every sense of the word. We did a podcast together for my site in 2013, and I learned so much from him that I listened to the thing three times! Now I use his WordPress blogging platform builder theme on my own site. It’s the best out there. He based the theme on principles he shared in his New York Times bestseller, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.

The new book he co-authored with Daniel Harkavy with plans to publish in 2015, This Is Your Life: A Proven Plan to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, has a simple, but elegant message – stop being a spectator and get off your duff! The truth is that Michael follows his desire for personal growth like the Holy Grail. And part of that includes his endless passion to serve and help others. I trust Michael completely and never hesitate to join anything he promotes. His blog always gives you food for thought and plenty of advice on acquiring or polishing your leadership skills.

Fave Quote: “You’re never as smart as you think you are when you are winning and never as dumb as you feel when you are losing.”


Give Facebook love!

@Michael Hyatt

Watch Michael’s YouTube Channel

Free Webinar: Pros Know What It Takes to Stand Out—Now It’s Your Turn


Free Video Series on Goal Setting

Advice to First Time Authors

Creating a Life Plan

3 Ways to Turn Your Consulting into a Product

[ctt tweet=”The most interesting things in life happen just on the other side of your comfort zone. – Michael Hyatt ” coverup=”nOUJl”]

nicoleNicole Antoinette


I absolutely love Life Less Bullshit. Warning: don’t blame me if you laugh your a** off. No, really. Nicole founded her club a couple of years back. She’s created a dynamic online presence with a purpose: to give you simple, but effective strategies to forget what you THINK you should want and start doing what you ACTUALLY want. Powerful stuff.

I did a podcast with Nicole in 2013 and got so engaged I forgot to check the clock. We went over an hour!!! She can be brutally honest when talking about her own journey. Get ready for a few four letter words. But you never feel like she’s judging. She’ll help you go from continually checking your messages to make sure you haven’t missed something in someone else’s life to building the life you truly want and believe in inside – all with an easy-to-understand, no BS action plan. Well what are you waiting for? Throw your hand held in the laundry basket for an hour and go check her out!


@Nicole Less BS

View Nicole’s Pins!

Visit Instagram page

Grab Free eBook: Stop Making Excuses, and Start Running


If it Doesn’t Fit Stop Wearing It (Let it go!)

Change Your Story

[ctt tweet=”Ask yourself, “Can I give a little more?” The answer is usually, “Yes.” – Nicole A. ” coverup=”OvSd0″]

Kate Swoboda


Lifecoach Kate Swoboda is amazing and her blog on taking action, overcoming your fears, and living an authentic life is a message that really resonates with me. Every course I’ve taken with her leaves me breathless and begging for more. During the podcast I did with her, I experienced several epiphanies as we talked! If you’re someone who spends time worrying about what others think and say about you, take time to read this post on creating safe and loving boundaries for yourself.

Favorite quote: “I don’t want to be remembered as ‘Kate, who always made it to her oil changes on time.’ I’d like my daughter to always remember that I took time to stop. To breathe. To soften. To smile.”


Find Kate on Facebook
@Kate Courageous
Read Kate’s Blog: Think Simple Now

Check out Kate’s Reading List

Take her Coaching Blueprint e-Course and Courageous Coaching Training Course


Top 10 Lessons on Leadership From the Last 10 Years

Boundaries, Baby Boundaries

[ctt tweet=”Courage isn’t what you have – it’s what you choose to practice. –Kate Swoboda ” coverup=”BUa6b”]

izzy-arkinIzzy Arkin


Yes, Izzy IS a ninja. Who would have thought a frustrated science teacher from Alabama could have taken life by the horns and make it happen? But he DID. I won’t spoil the story, (you can read a neat synopsis about it here), but Ismael (aka Izzy) tossed his dull, unfulfilling life to the winds and he now lives out his dreams in Japan.

I came across Izzy in early 2013, and love his stuff. He’s all about making your dreams come true in a BIG WAY. The guy is amazing, and every time I speak with him I get SO fired up! Imagine how following a path like the one he forged – one that you envisioned and created for yourself – could change your life.


30 Year Old Ninja Facebook

@30 Year Old Ninja

Get into Google + circles!

YouTube Channel

Watch WiredForSuccessTV interview: How to Live Your Dream

[ctt tweet=”Gratitude opens doors, in our mind, in our hearts, and in our lives. – Izzy Arkin. ” coverup=”wN0EH”]

witsongordonWhitson Gordon


Whitson’s a one of a kind tech guru who spends most of his life at Lifehacker.com, where he’s chief cook and bottle washer. He also writes some of the best articles on productivity, tech and software out there. I chomp on the bit to read his stuff weekly (don’t forget I was a geek myself in San Fran for 7 years!).

I really GROOVE on the candor and authenticity in his articles as well. Check out the image on his one-off personal website – his head close-up, peering into what looks like the back end of an ancient desktop. Whitson’s busy as hell, but he’s one of a handful of well-known geeks that’s happy to respond to email when he can. I first came across him back in 2012 with this article and was hooked!


Give Facebook Likes!

@Whitson Gordon

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YouTube Channel

Interesting Wired article on making the most of your phone’s split screen


Best Things to Buy in November

How to Get Repairs Done Without a Valid Warranty

How to Write a Barely Passing College Paper

[ctt tweet=”You’ll never be able to please everyone, but trying to convert people who are skeptical about your work is a losing battle. – Whitson Gordon ” coverup=”89dza”]

tom-ewerTom Ewer


If you’re sick of spending your daily grind in a 9 – 5 job feeling like your boss dictates your every move, you really should check out Tom Ewer’s manifesto, “Leaving Work Behind.” The 29-year-old Brit should know. In late 2011, feeling totally fenced in by his lucrative and secure (but blindingly boring) job in property management, he quit to live life on his own terms. Over the next few years, he built a raging online blog business that permits him to work whenever and wherever he likes – as long as he’s got an internet connection!

Tom’s step-by-step resources have helped me become a smarter, better blogger. He’s been interviewed by FreelanceSwitch, featured in Blog Design for Dummies and named a ProBlogger “Blogger to Watch.” World-class blogs like MashableLifehackerSmashing Magazine and SitePoint have published his stuff. Do check out his site if you’d like to get paid to make full-time money blogging part time while doing more of the things you love to do. Nuff said.


Visit Tom’s Facebook page
@Tom Ewer
Read Google + posts
YouTube Channel
Latest book: Freelance Writing Success

Hire Tom


Best Way to Make Money Blogging

14 Errors That Are Preventing You From Blogging Success

How to Write Stellar Blog Posts (Read if you have a blog)

[ctt tweet=”Focus on the relationship between you & your reader. It counts for more than anything else. –Tom Ewer” coverup=”6UfA1″]

Chris GuillebeauChris Guillebeau


NY Times best-selling author Chris Guillebeau has visited every country in the world by travel hacking – learning how to make the best use of credit card miles. Trust me, he travels in high style. His World Domination Summit is one of the top conferences in the world. If you can get there in 2015, you’ll meet a who’s who of leaders, expert, and gurus from a kaboodle of disciplines. I first came across Chris in 2012 with this blog post on how small things can keep us from big things. I love his new book The Happiness of Pursuit, and it was fantastic to meet him here in Dallas in November!

Favorite quote: “It’s your life, so why not be intentional about it?”


Grab your free copy of 279 Days to Overnight Success

Buy Happiness of Pursuit at an Indie Bookstore near you or on Amazon.com, along with $100 Startup, and The Art of Non-Conformity on Amazon.

Art of Nonconformity Facebook page

Products to Check out:

Designed to Sell

Travel Hacking

Build Your Empire in a One Year & Quite a few Other ones to Check out


Lessons From the Journey

Do you Want to be Right or Free?

The Only Reason to be in Business is to be Great

[ctt tweet=”You don’t have to live your life the way other people expect you to. Chris G. ” coverup=”Q5JCN”]

Brad Costanzo


Why does marketing wizard Brad Costanzo call his business podcast “Bacon Wrapped”? Coz anything wrapped in bacon is yummy as hell – just like the tips he offers. If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur or marketing executive, his show is definitely for you. He’s had a number of business startups in an array of industries. Some succeeded beyond his wildest expectations, but I love the way he refers to those that didn’t – not failures, but failing to be profitable. He views them as successes because they gave him great“feedback” on what works and what doesn’t.

I got totally psyched when I first heard Brad’s podcast with Matt Stone (Okay – so some irony on its title: Killing your Blog And Then” Killing It” on Amazon.) Brad gave a ton of tips to take you from business blahs to business breakthroughs. Brilliant! Besides, we share a great mutual friend, Jamie Bloom.

Brad owns a marketing consultancy and profit-improvement company called Costanzo Marketing and a publishing house called MIH Publishing. Be sure to check out Brad’s website – GOLDMINE!


Like Brad on Facebook

@Brad Costanzo

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And definitely check out the Podcasts!


Hot Seat with Jason Treu (That’s me!)

How to Land 6-Figure Clients with Kelly Fidel

Building a Smarter Sales Funnel with Ryan Levesque

[ctt tweet=”Live your life like you’re writing a book about it. Write a good book. –Brad Costanzo ” coverup=”bXl7o”]

Jenny Blake


Every student who’s graduating or first year professional should grab a copy of Jenny’s excellent book, Life After College: The Complete Guide to Getting What You Want. Why? It will give you highly practical advice you can actually USE and help you focus on your BIG picture – not get lost in life’s details. It’s like What Color is Your Parachute for 20-somethings. Think of the book as a portable life coach! Her website is packed with ways to be more productive, efficient and make some cash. It’s a resource I read regularly.

Check out her Productivity Toolkit, too!


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Well, there are a few other rockstars out there that I have to mention. I’d recommend putting them on your radar and checking them out ASAP. They will all add significant value in your life and journey. They could have easily been listed above…I just would have never completed writing this post!

One is Shawn Achor at Goodthink Inc. He’s the author of the awesome and bestselling book, The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work. I’m taking a course with Shawn now, the Happiness Advantage eClass and it’s fantastic. I recommend taking it.

Here are a few other amazing gurus, experts, and fantastic people: Alexis Grant (social media & career/workplace expert), Alexia Vernon (speaker training), Brian Cuban (eating disorder author & expert), David Schneider (marketing expert), Evan Marc Katz, (fantastic dating coach), John Lee Dumas (entrepreneur advice & fantastic podcasts), Judd Weiss (amazing entrepreneur & selling insights and advice, & photography expert), Julien Smith (awesome information on behavioral change/entrepreneur), Leo Babauta (self-help & change guru), Marie Grace Berg (great podcasts for women in business/entrepreneurs), Navid Moazzez (marketing & personal branding strategist), Nick Ortner (EFT/Tapping), Ramit Sethi (money/finance/self development guru), Sally Hogshead (personal branding guru), Selena Soo (PR/marketing maven),  Srinivas Rao (entrepreneur/top podcaster), and Tommy Rosen (addition recovery guru).

Final Words

So there you have it, “23 Lifestyle Entrepreneurs You Need to Know.” It’s the first list and the most comprehensive list post I’ve ever written. I had a lot of fun doing it and learned even more writing it. There’s obviously many more incredible lifestyle entrepreneurs out there, and I will do a part two version down the road.

I hope you found a few new entrepreneurs you can follow and learn from, and if your favorite lifestyle entrepreneurs are not included on this list, please let me know in the comments section below, and I’ll include them in part two.

I didn’t include big names like Richard Branson, Brene Brown, Derek Halpern, Pat Flynn, Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss, because I think most of you know who they are. If not, they are an absolute must to check out 😉

If you enjoyed this post, please share it with your friends and leave a comment with your thoughts below. Whose online business do you admire most and why? I would love to know, and you’d help others who are looking for resources!

Couple Final Things

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Until next time, surround yourself with amazing people that are raising you up, and connect with at least five incredible entrepreneurs on the list. It’s worth your time to model off of proven success!


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