One of the biggest hindrances to your improvement and success in all areas of your life has to do with your thoughts.

Many of you think wayyyyyy too much.  You sometimes call it “being in your head.” Your head is filled with negative thoughts and emotions and it feels like your mind is racing (like a nascar) and you can’t shut it off.

Why does it happen?

Whenever you have a decision to make…you hesitate and fear either getting it wrong or not having enough information to make a decision. Then when a new thought or information arrives you don’t ignore it or question it.  Instead you decide to latch onto it and start obsessing over it…and use it to question your decision.  Your thoughts never reach clarity or certainty because you are always introducing new thoughts and information.

Actually, your thoughts start out much simpler. You’ll notice that thoughts don’t just go on and on. There are pauses between them.  Most of you currently fill these pauses with more thoughts as fast as you can. The same way you try and fill the awkward silence in the conversations you have with people or the silences you have in your life overall.

What should you do?

Simple.  Practice “not thinking” and practicing mindfulness. Dr. Mark Pirtle has some excellent programs on this.

You can actually turn your unproductive emotions and negative thoughts off like a light switch.  If everybody learned this, it would really change things in the world.  It’s very powerful in all aspects of your life.


Start paying attention to your thought process like you’re an outsider just observing. Think of yourself like a third party anthropologist looking and examining without emotion.  Be careful not to get caught up in the ACTUAL thoughts.

Look at the natural pauses between your thoughts and practice not generating more and more of them. Now see if you can do that for longer and longer periods of time.  It’s not going to happen over night but with practice you should see steady improvement.

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One tip that that helps overthinking is to turn worrisome thoughts about the future into action to create results. Taking action, moving forward, and making progress does wonders for your soul. You interrupt the pattern of overthinking and the feeling of making progress centers you…provides clarity…and gives you the confidence to be certain of taking action in your life.

Second tip is…When faced with a difficult decision that causes us to overthink, we naturally seek out advice from others. This usually means we talk through the challenge in our life with so many people that it’s impossible not to overthink.

Third tip…is our minds are hardwired to go down the rabbit hole of negativity. This leads to overthinking. Catch yourself when you start doing this. One way to break free is use gratitude as a way to create positivity and it will help you break out of the overthinking cycle.

Fourth tip is…But one of the best things you can possibly do is practice mindfulness, a form of meditation where you focus on the present moment without judgment. Check out Dr. Pirtle for some great information on this one.

Fifth tip is…our thoughts create actions which shapes our reality and current situation. What you think, you will attract. So realize it all starts with your thoughts. 

You have sooooo much information…it paralyzes you. At some point, you need to limit the information, and just take action. You always can modify or change course, but the longer you wait…indecision creeps in…and you never take action.

I hope you enjoyed the video on How to Stop Overthinking – 5 Simple Habits.

Do you have any tips on overthinking? Do you overthink? Is it helping or hindering you?

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